Dementia: A Real Cause For Concern


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There was a period of real concern yesterday when the Emergency Services were disagreeing over their powers under the Mental Capacity Act.  Maureen was clearly vulnerable, cold and at risk of injury from passing traffic yet, the people on the ground felt powerless to direct her into the waiting ambulance.  Fortunately, the staff at my Brother’s Nursing Home came to her rescue and helped her to get the assessment she needed.

This isn’t the first time I have come across problems with getting Maureen to a place of safety when she has been distressed.  On our way to the hospital, our Paramedic outlined how the Emergency Services were often at odds with each other as they try to cope with inadequate resources.

Maureen is very confused this morning convinced that she has two young children to contend with.  She is exhausted after the events of yesterday.

I was naive to think I could solve the problems over the lack of visits from her family by taking her to see them.  She had a lovely time with two of her grandchildren yesterday evening Maureen but woke up  crying this morning because ‘she never sees her family.’

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