Dementia: Happy Birthday Son

Steven my only son is 36 today.

He lives in Chester and I haven’t seen him for a couple of years: yet another casualty when dementia is the elephant in the room.

A day trip on the train beckons.

Why is organising even a day’s Respite so difficult for any Care Partner?


6 thoughts on “Dementia: Happy Birthday Son

    1. I realise I am not the only one who is not getting time off Susan. Where is the Working Time Directive for Care Partners? It’s time for the exploitation and abuse of family carers to be brought out into the open!


  1. I too have an only son. I also have two grandsons. They moved to Auckland after the earthquakes. As a result of my carer duties I do not see them often although we talk etc. many people become casualties due to our carer duties. I have tried to get the odd weekend up there with them. It is a plane trip to get there so I usually try to go up Friday and home Sunday night. This means 5 days respite as I have to get John in the day before and home the Monday morning. It is not a cheap exercise. We do have to ensure that our children don’t miss out.


    1. You are right there Di but as you say it is not always possible to get the respite we need. Mine are scattered around the country only a short distance away compared with yours though! Unfortunately we have no immediate family here in Cleethorpes.


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