Dementia: ‘Help Me Get Better’

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After a two weeks respite break, it’s taking me a while to get up to speed as Maureen’s Care Partner.  I was struggling last night when Maureen thought a woman was going to ‘steal her food and cause her harm.’  She also said that this woman had ‘taken her baby away.’  It took me a long time trying to reassure her that I would keep her safe and ease her into sleep on the sofa.

One good piece of news is that Maureen’s eye infection is clearing up.  The antibiotic cream prescribed over the phone by a Practice Nurse seems to be doing the trick.  Perhaps such minor concerns can be dealt with over the phone but we are really missing the support of our old GP who has retired.  He would have seen us at the drop of a hat!

As I type, Maureen is crying in the next bedroom and when I go to see her says: ‘help me get better’.  I reassured her that I’ll do my best!

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