Dementia: What Are We Going To Do Today?

I recall some sound advice I received from a Mental Health Nurse during one of my many periods of depression: ‘Never go to bed without some idea of how you are going to spend the next day.’    Whenever I bump into him I always thank him for this simple piece of advice; because it works.  His advice is crucial to follow as we travel on our journey with dementia.  In my detective role ( as advised by Teepa Snow) I think Maureen’s regular query each night about ; ‘what are you doing tomorrow?’ is possibly more about: ‘what are we going to do tomorrow?’   So I always try to plant some ideas on how we might spend the following day.

As it is Saturday today there are a number of options on the horizon. There is likely to be a Car Boot Sale just across the road, and sometimes we pop across to search for bargains.  With luck I will get that fig plant that I want for my son in law.  I have also mentioned that we could visit the fruit and vegetable market in Grimsby.  We always enjoy wandering around the stalls, as there is a feeling of going back in time in such surrounding: an escape from the impersonal nature of Supermarkets.

At this time of the morning I really have no idea how we will spend our day.  The important thing is I have planted a few ideas that may just come to fruition.  It is bad enough when you are depressed and you can’t think how you are going to spend your day.  Such thoughts even surface when you are retired and have the whole day before you.  I would guess that none of these situations are comparable to having dementia, and not being able to remember how you used to spend you days. However you have to remember all of this is speculative: I am only a budding detective with limited experience of being a Care Partner to someone with dementia.  On the other hand perhaps I am gradually becoming the back up brain (BUB) that my pen friend Kate (Swaffer) has patented in Australia.

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