Dementia: We Need A Holiday

We would both benefit from a Winter Sun holiday.   This would be another step towards normality, as we continue our journey with dementia.

Christmas is always a tricky time when divorcees get together.  It is difficult for the extended families to know who to invite, or visit, over the festive period.  We have often solved such difficulties by flying off to Portugal, to spend a couple of weeks lapping up the warmth, and being waited upon.  I am just wondering if we could make it again this year?

We haven’t had a holiday together since Maureen’s stroke.  It was not safe for Maureen to make the trip we had booked in 2014, because it was so close to her stroke.  So Maureen’s family were kind enough to come to my rescue, so I could accompany two of my daughter’s to our favourite haunt – Albufeira.  I am wondering if the two of us could make it this time round?

Maureen has given mixed responses to any suggestions of flying off abroad.  She often talks of not liking flying, and delays at airports.  Then she will talk positively about the benefits of a hotel in the sun.  I think it is time to try to ‘push the boat out’ on this one.

Passport renewal is a sensible staring point.  This will open the debate and deal with one of the practicalities.  I need to accept her anxieties about flying off, and the tensions associated with preparation for a holiday.  However, on these dark mornings with the nights drawing in; we need to focus on something positive to mitigate the impending doom and gloom.  I’m sure you will be hearing more on this ………

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