Dementia: I’m Tempted To Go For It!


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Maureen has been incredible over the last three days.  Our Little Diamond has worked tirelessly on my daily shopping list of activities.  I’m beginning to wonder if she has been using laughing gas as hysterics greet me when I return from my time out.

Maureen’s mood is so positive at the moment.  She had a shower and washed her hair this morning with minimal encouragement.  Then to cap it all she put on a complete set of underwear for the first time in ages.

Our Key Worker will be here shortly to take Maureen to Alderlea Care Home.  She has been at home for a month and it is time for me to have two weeks respite from my caring duties.  However, as things are going so well at the moment I’m wondering if a holiday together would be more appropriate.  It seems such a shame to put at risk what we achieved in the last few days.

It would be simple for Maureen to accompany me to the Buddhist Centre today and join me visiting family at the end of the week: there’s room for two on all my bookings.  It’s really tempting to go for it and leave Alderlea as a fallback position if needed!

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