Sorting Sleep

 This page was introduced on the 13th June 2016:

I have suffered from sleep disturbance for years with early morning wakening impacting upon our lives.  This often means that Maureen wakes up alone in bed as I am often downstairs to join in with the dawn chorus.  I need to address my sleep pattern at the moment for both of our sakes.  A shortage of sleep is depriving me of the energy I need to be a supportive Care Partner it also puts my mental health at risk, once again.  Maureen is also disturbed when she wakes alone in bed fearing she has been left here by herself.

This page will record details of my sleep pattern and outline steps I’m taking to eradicate early morning wakening.

Daily Routine: Early morning Tai Chi and meditation.   Computer embargo before 6am and after 9pm.  Walk at dusk.

13 June:   Afternoon siesta from 2.30 til 4.30 pm.   Dusk walk with dire consequences.

14 June:  In bed from 12.30 until 5.30 am. woke a few times but got back to sleep easily.

15 June: In bed from 10.30 pm until 5 am. woke a few times but got back to sleep.

16 June: In bed from 9.30 until 4 am.  Got up early this morning as I was awake and couldn’t stop thinking.  I followed advice from Paul Mckenna got up and did something boring. Unfortunately, I then got hooked on being Maureen’s Back UBrain (Swaffer) putting her belongings back into places where she would have left them before she had stroke: now they are all over the place.  During this tidying up exercise I uncovered another stash which I will sort through later.

17 June: In bed from 10.30 until 4 am.  Slept in the spare room as Maureen wanted a bed to herself.  She was on the prowl at 2 am frightened she was alone in the house.  Up early putting the place back in order to prevent ‘they’ve been stealing my things syndrome’: Maureen’s boots, slippers glasses etc are now in places where she will find them.

18 June:  In Bed for 12 up at 5 am.  A much interrupted night as Maureen struggled to know where she was.

19 June: In bed for 10.30 up by 5 am.  Best night’s sleep for a while.

21 June:  I have now regulated my sleep pattern and will no longer post on the is page.

27 June:  My sleep deprivation has now emerged with a vengeance and I can’t seem to find a solution.  If I leave Maureen sleeping on the sofa she wakes and interrupts me when I’m in deep sleep.  Last night I managed to get her to accompany me to bed and she has woken three times: looking for warmer clothes; wondering if it is time to get up at 2 am; going downstairs looking for me when I lay in bed beside her.  So its back to the drawing board on this one.

30th July 2016: I have suspended posting on this page as there is just too much going on at the moment.

7th November:  My sleep pattern is appalling once again and if I don’t sort things out soon I’m going to be in trouble.  I’m going keep a diary for a while to try to sort things as well as returning to a Daily Routine from earlier in the year:

 Early morning Tai Chi and meditation.   Computer embargo before 6 am. and after 9 pm.  Walk at dusk.

8/9th November:  Sleep disturbance has been significant during the last two nights.  On the 8th Maureen woke concerned there were animals in the room and said she was moving out.  A couple of hours later she woke to accuse me of kidnapping her and keeping her here against her will.

She was in and out of bed frequently last night frightened by one thing or another and very distressed.  This morning she woke very early concerned that she had lost the young lad who had been in her bedroom.  Her other concern was that she had a hospital appointment this morning and wanted to make sure she was on time. I think both the boy and the hospital appointment may be the result of not being able to distinguish between dreams and reality.

I’m hoping that Maureen’s stay in Ashgrove will help us both to get some much-needed rest.  We also need some advice and intervention how to help us develop healthy sleep patterns.

28th May; Getting adequate sleep has resurfaced as a problem so I have reopened this page today to outline a way forward.  Some notes follow:

  • Attempt an afternoon doze.
  • Return to a computer embargo of 9 pm until 6 am.
  • Do not eat after 7 pm.
  • Have a walk at dusk
  • Have a herbal bedtime drink to enhance sleep
  • Do not absorb Maureen’s upset during the night

29th May: stuck to my plan almost to the letter and had the best night’s rest for ages.  Maureen woke several times during the night and I managed to get back to sleep remaining in bed from 10 last until almost 6 this morning.  If only I can replicate this!