I have decided to introduce this page today (9th June) to show my gratitude (with thanks to the Blog of my cyber friend Jennifer Tucker’s Blog) for acts of kindness and support that we are receiving on this journey.  I plan to add one act of Niceness a day.

I have chosen the title of Niceness as it reminds me of a ‘Reggae Night’ Maureen and I went to in Birmingham where Pato Banton sang this song:

A Kind Neighbour

Teresa knocked on my door on Tuesday morning to tell me Maureen was walking along a nearby footpath.  I reassured that I knew Maureen was out by herself and all was well.  We hadn’t seen each other for a while so we chatted for a while catching up on our respective lives.

Around 4pm Teresa knocked at our door again this time with some scones she had made.  I invited her in and the three of us chatted for quite some time.  We then showed her the progress of our vegetable patch as she is a keen gardener.

I returned Teresa’s plate minus the yummy scones the next day.  I thanked her for her kindness and took a look at her ‘plot’.  As we chatted I realised that her summer holidays provided another opportunity for purpose in our lives so I made my bid to water her garden and tend the rabbits while they were away.  Maureen seemed keen on the idea when I mentioned it to her on my return: one good turn deserves another

Two Lovely Ladies

Two lovely ladies in a local shop have been a great support to us in the last week or so.  We often pop across the road to ‘Tickerty Boo’ to see the latest bargains.  Earlier in the week Sharon engaged Maureen with great skill gently encouraging her to open up about her day.  Yesterday her colleague, whose name I’m unsure of, helped her to return some socks and consider her options.

It is clear that both of these ladies have experienced dementia amongst their families or friends.  They have both said that I can pop in at any time if I need a chat.  They are typical of so many people in this area who once they have met Maureen are taken by her lovely disposition and become so supportive to us both.

Warwick the Mechanic

I always enjoy chatting with Warwick our mechanic.  When I went to pick up Maureen’s car yesterday I thanked him for keeping it safe while it was on gardening-leave.  He always asks me how Maureen is and said very kind things about my approach to being a Care Partner.  We then strayed onto mental illness as both of us have had periods of depression.Warwick and I have different views on the causes of depression: he sees it as a result of chemical imbalance where I see it as a response to environment.  We have both had short periods on antidepressant and stopped taking them as soon as we have felt better.  It is unlikely he has heard of Irving Kirsch’s research that suggests we both experienced the placebo effects of antidepressants. 

Brexit Campaigners

Brexit Campaigners’ had a stall in the main shopping avenue in Cleethorpes on Saturday (11th June).  I eventually managed to steer us in that direction as I wanted to show my support for the ‘Leave Campaign’.  We had passed them earlier in the morning and Maureen had wandered off as I chatted to a man.  I mentioned to him why I had to go and he fully understood.  On our return he made a B Line for Maureen and engaged her in a sensitive way.  As we made our way back to the car she obviously hadn’t a clue what they wanted to get out of and I’m not sure she will even want to vote on the Big Day.  However, she will remember the positive experience of a nice man who stood and chatted to us for quite some time.

Good Neighbours

Mike and Kate who live next door have provided really helpful support in the last few days. On Sunday they listened to my concerns and made helpful suggestions on several fronts. The following day, 16th June, they rescued us twice when Maureen’s car had a flat battery as detailed on this page.

Nurse Practitioner Sheryl

Sheryl was great with Maureen today.  She changed the dressings on Maureen’s injured hand and reassured her that everything else was on the mend.  She treated Maureen with dignity and respect.

Beth and Debbie at Bridge McFarland Solicitors

These two women are a credit to  profession as they helped Mauren to tell the story of her accident as the first step in processing a claim against the Local Authority.  Maureen left their company with positive feelings about herself and a potential claim for negligence.


Lisa and Anna

My two eldest daughters really cheered me up on Tuesday (16 June) with this selfie.  They found time in a busy day watching Mala perform at the Royal Albert Hall to send their dear old dad a picture.  Kevin from Grimsby was also there dancing as the choir sang.

Dominique Klotz

This is another woman from Australia who I have got to know through Blogging.  Dom introduced me to Kate Swaffer.  Dom’s  Blog and Facebook page have been been really helpful to us on this journey.  She is  flying back to Oz at 2pm today. What a shame we haven’t time to nip down to London to meet her.

Kate, Jessica and Magaret

I needed to seek counsel over Maureen’s presentation as she slept through most of yesterday ( 18th June).  I managed to accost Kate our next door neighbour as she returned from walking her dog and as always she provided sound support.  Jessica  and Margaret from the Home Treatment team also helped me to make sense of the complexities of Maureen’s presentation.  It is so helpful to have mentors close to home and available on the phone as I deliberate over the progression of our journey.

30th July 2016: I have suspended posting on this page as there is just too much going on at the moment.