What Next?

It is an exciting time in your life when you have had three score years and ten.  Your working days are probably behind you and your time is your own.  Maureen is a little older than me and been retired from paid work for 17 years now.  Our pensions are not massive but we are comfortable in a three bedroom house in beautiful surroundings of Cleethorpes just a short walk from the sea (banks of the Humber).

We ran off together to be beside the sea 16 years ago after I had the opportunity of early retirement on the grounds of ill health  Accepting my ex-wife’s claim that she found it difficult to work in the same Community College as myself and Maureen led to my downfall.  I was redeployed to a post with a history of political involvement and dubious practices ( to put it mildly).  In short it made me ill that a Local Authority had gone along with allowing unconstitutional organisations to flourish.  So I took the money and ran for the coast after a year as a Book Man for Colour Library Direct.

Maintaining three children from my former marriage placed a heavy financial burden on us. So when we arrived in Cleethorpes I initially took work in the retail sector and then worked for several years as a Supply Teacher in Secondary Education.  What an eye opener: I thought schools in Coventry were challenging but they were relatively peaceful compared to what I experienced here.

I had been a road runner from my 40’s and paid the price in my 60’s when the Consultant told me I ‘had the hips of an 80 year old’.  Fast Frank as they call him has replaced both now and the Bionic Man used this as an reason to retire from paid employment and the harsh realities of Supply Teaching.

In the last few years I have been involved in voluntary work firstly connected with the Patient Participation Group of our Medical Centre more recently with the local Dementia Engagement Project.  A few days ago I agreed to meet with the co-ordinator to explore how we might encourage more Care Partners to consider the benefits of Blogging.

Maureen and I are currently reconsidering whether Cleethorpes is the best place to be.  With immediate family over 100 miles away there are shortcomings from a decision to run off into the sunset.

22 June:  Following advice from a number of quarters I have now decided that considering a move from Cleethorpes would be a mistake.

30th July 2016: I have suspended posting on this page as there is just too much going on at the moment.


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