Cognitive Stimulation in the Community

This page was started on the 12th of June 2017  to provide an outline of my approach to cognitive stimulation therapy for Maureen.  I intend to differ from the traditional approach to CST where it is usually undertaken in Groups or in the Home and use opportunities in the Community.

Our local Spa Store is one of my starting points for the coming week:

Spa Shop 009

I have already posted that staff in the store are dementia friendly and two of their number have family members who have the condition.  Maureen is very comfortable in the Store and is used to us popping in to add to our food store.

We are also frequent visitors to this store:

TICKER-T-BOO! are a short walk away from our house and I have just been chatting to a member of staff and they are happy to continue supporting my approach to cognitive stimulation for Maureen.  During our frequent visits, the staff always find something to chat to Maureen about while we hunt around the store for bargains.

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Week Two 26 June:

Maureen has been in Alderlea Care Home for most of the week and it will be interesting to her how she has coped there when I go to pick her up shortly.  For the coming week, I will take things very slowly to give her an opportunity to getting used to being in fresh surroundings once again.  It will be fascinating to see if she remembers her way around our old haunts as the week progresses.