Dementia: In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

Image result for Out Like a lion in like a lamb picture

I took a  proverbial hammering on Monday night’/ Tuesday morning as I struggled to cope with Maureen’s presentation.  She didn’t know who I was or why I was locking her in a strange house against her will.  I hadn’t seen Maureen in this mode for some time and it took a long time before any of my attempts to calm her down had any impact.

Eventually, music led to a temporary break in hostilities.  I chose my moment and called up ‘You Are My Sunshine on YouTube.  Maureen broke into song as she remembered sitting on her dad’s knee as he sang to her.  I then chose music carefully to ease her into a sleeping on the sofa.  However, my respite from hostilities was brief as when she awoke a short while afterward the attack resumed.

As dawn broke Roving Carers from our Care Agency arrived to give support in response to my call to Single Point of Access several hours earlier.  Apparently, it was a busy night with their services in great demand. They stayed for a short while observing that Maureen was ‘very awake’ and left me to it.  Their efforts to persuade her to go to bed had fallen on stony ground. She had left them in no doubt that she wanted to ‘go home’.

I didn’t surprise me that after the shenanigans of a long night that the lion went into Ashgrove Care Home like a lamb.  Our Key Worker, as always played a blinder, led her by the hand and the Manager played her part met her part with a helpful greeting of ‘hello Maureen how nice to see you again.’  Within minutes she was being asked how she liked her tea and we left her to it: even lions like to be acknowledged and offered a cuppa!


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