Dementia: Beware Of The Hammer

Maureen lived by herself for eight years following her divorce.  During that time she slept with a hammer, very similar to the one below, beneath her bed:

Image result for Beware She Has A Hammer Picture

After the events of last night, I’m wondering if I should retrieve it from the garage and put it in a place where it is accessible to her.  Around 2.30 am I assisted her to find our downstairs toilet.  It took her a while to find her shoes that had clearly been ‘stolen and worn by someone else’.  After relieving herself she made her way upstairs declaring ‘she wouldn’t stay here much longer’.  Then the hammer entered into her thinking.

As she slipped into bed she said ‘she was fed up with men messing with her against her will’.  She wondered ‘why they didn’t mess with their own children or wives?  Then she said ‘she would be ready for them the next time as she would hit them with a hammer!’

I think the events of early this morning add substance to the <ARTICLE> by Susan Macaulay on memories being far from linear when you have dementia.

6 thoughts on “Dementia: Beware Of The Hammer

  1. My mum came at me with a hammer when I inadvertently left it out. Whilst I can appreciate your thinking I’d be concerned that if Maureen is in a period of not being certain who you are she might feel the need to defend herself and if she comes across the hammer at such a time the consequences could be dire.

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