Dementia: Sing A Song

Maureen has been in great voice this morning, singing this one:

It was lovely to see the joy on her face as she remembered the words of the Carpenters songs when I called their music up on YouTube.  Music is so important in our lives.  How reassuring it must be to be able to sing along to your old favourites; being able to remember the words when you feel that your memory about most things is so poor.

I have a surprise in store for Maureen this afternoon.  A carer who is on maternity leave is calling around with her little one. It will be interesting to see how Maureen reacts to seeing someone who was here almost daily for a couple of years. My guess is she will have that baby in her arms within minutes of her being in the house!

The Carpenters were a welcome relief from a familiar song.  If I followed Maureen’s theme of an hour ago it would be with the Beach Boys  ‘I Want To Go Home’: she doesn’t sing that one she howls it in floods of tears.  I’ve tried to shift her thinking by singing ‘I Like A Nice Cup of Tea In The Morning’ and delivering her morning tipple.  If things go well this afternoon I might add ‘Baby Come Back’ to my repertoire!



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