Dementia: Sharing The Joy


Lots of joy in the last few days with thoughtful support from local people:

  • A Heating Engineer who brought warmth back to our house and found time to engage Maureen.  He saw I was struggling when she ‘wanted to go home’ and tried to distract her by inviting her to watch him as he serviced the fire.
  • An elderly neighbour who popped across to tell me she hadn’t forgotten us but had been confined to quarters with impetigo.
  • A local man who wanted to know how we were doing who just happened to mention was expecting further surgery. I was aware that he was already recovering from the removal of a kidney!
  • The staff at the local Branch of Lloyds Pharmacy who always give Maureen a warm welcome when she has her blood pressure checked.
  • Maureen’s beautiful smile this morning when I tracked her down after she had moved from sleeping beside me to the sofa in the lounge.

As Kate Swaffer says life with dementia is better than expected!

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