A Great Start To The Day


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We both got off to a flyer yesterday morning.  As I was shutting the door on my way out I could hear our Carer easing Maureen into the shower.  A short while afterward I was a short distance away sorting out a missing link in our Care Package.

I’m keeping my finger crossed that Ashgrove Care Home will be able to accommodate our needs for scheduled Respite Breaks.  The Manager is willing to book Maureen in for Rolling Respite once she has conducted her assessment.

I’m confident that the new regime at Ashgrove will mean that Maureen is in safe hands.  The staff has clearly worked very hard to ensure that the place is now up to the standards expected by our Clinical Commissioning Group.  Those days when residents could escape or find themselves lost in an unused part of the building – as Maureen did – are long gone.  The other advantages are that all rooms are downstairs and Maureen loves spending time in the internal garden.

Ashgrove is so convenient:  it is a short stroll from where we live.  It will be such a relief to know that Rolling Respite in a safe place is only an assessment away.  How great that it now looks likely  I will be on that plane to Australia in April to catch up with my old school pal and his wife.  Then if I’m really lucky I might even get to meet Kate Swaffer, Dominique K and Leah Bisiani to thank them for their exceptional support.

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