Dementia: The Road To Antipsychotics


Image result for black box warning for antipsychotics pictures

  • Your husband has Alzheimer’s.
  • You receive little support.
  • You are worn out.
  • You put your husband into Respite Care.
  • He has no idea where he is.
  • He goes into a woman’s bedroom thinking it is you.
  • He responds physically when a carer tries to separate him from his ‘wife’.
  • The Police are called and he is removed to a Mental Health Unit.
  • He is Sectioned and detained in the MHU.
  • It takes 6 months before any Home will accept him as a resident.
  • His carers at his current Nursing Home say he is a ‘lovely man: easy to manage’.
  • He occasionally smiles as he sits alone and catatonic in the Dining Room.
  • Is there any incentive for the Annual Review to change my brother’s medication?

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