Dementia: Now I Understand!


Image result for Now I Understand PictureI visited my mum and brother again yesterday afternoon.  Mum was such good fun as we sang along to YouTube together.  I fed our kid his evening meal and he rewarded me with some beautiful smiles.

There is little doubt that mum is bored for long parts of the day.  I can’t be much fun parked in the Residents Lounge with the TV constantly on blaring out inappropriate programmes.  It wouldn’t take much to brighten up her day: they know what she enjoys.

I’m always puzzled by my brother’s catatonic state and his restlessness as he sits continually shifting his position in his chair.  It is possible that his presentation can be explained by risperidone.  I was told yesterday that his medication means that ‘he is never any trouble.’  There are strict guidelines on the use of this antipsychotic for the elderly and I sincerely hope they are being applied in my brother’s case!

5 thoughts on “Dementia: Now I Understand!

    1. It would be unwise to ask any more questions. We live over a 100 miles away and I’m hardly next of kin. Goodness knows what they gave him when he was in a Mental Health Unit for 6 months before any Care Home would touch him. It’s very worrying indeed!

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