Dementia: Paying Tribute

Image result for cyrille regis FA Cup pictureI’m leaving Madhyamaka shortly to travel 130 miles to see my Big Fellow and my Dad’s Little Woman.  This means that I won’t be at the Ricoh this afternoon to pay tribute to Big Cyrille who sadly passed on Monday.  This afternoon I will be paying tribute to two heroes of my own who have supported me throughout my life.  They both have dementia.

I intend to make it to Coventry in time to see mum before it is time for lunch in her Cae Home.  Then I will move on to spoon feed my brother in his Nursing Home.

Neither my mum or my brother will have any recollection of that proud day for all Coventrians when Big Cyrille lifted the FA Cup.  It is also unlikely that they will know who I am when I arrive later this morning.  That doesn’t matter as I will never forget who they are and what they mean to me!

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