Dementia: Madhyamaka Is Amazing

Image result for madhyamaka buddhist centre pictures

I had a really good day yesterday.  Taking Precepts at 7am. was a really helpful start to my day.  The teaching on my Retreat continues to be excellent; provoking me to think about how to move my mind in a positive direction.

Every time I come here I benefit from the warmth of my fellow travellers.  At 10 ‘o’ clock last night a woman I hardly knew was willingly giving me advice on how to improve this Site.  I’m not sure if she will have time before her departure this morning to see the results of her advice.

It is always reassuring to hear that your wife is ‘settled’ during a Respite Break.  That was the news when I made telephone contact with Alderlea Care Home last night: a member of staff assured me that she was ‘doing brilliant’.   I just hope that Maureen’s thinking has shifted from feeling that she is an ‘invalid’.  I would hate her to think that is why her husband has left her in the care of others for a while.

Once day breaks I will be able to eat again, after not having any food since yesterday lunch-time: the one meal you are allowed after taking Precepts.  It’s good to have a day when food does not take up so much of your time.  Although I won’t be wasting any opportunity to consume my share of the beautiful food that will be available here today!  The other thing I will focus on today is to watch my mind and what I say: drawing on the guidance I’m getting on my Retreat.



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