Dementia: A Warm Welcome But No Grugging!

I have decided not to set up a new page and will post news of my Retreat here:

Yesterday morning Gen Togden the Resident Teacher at Madhyamaka greeted me with ‘welcome back’.

Image result for Gen Togden Picture

We snatched a brief hug as we went our separate ways: he is teaching on another Retreat. Togden is always willing to hug and introduced me to ‘grugging’ on my last visit: a group hug.

Most of the time there are only two of us on ‘How To Transform Your Life’.  Working visitors join us in the evening when they are free from their voluntary duties.  As always they are young, enthusiastic and from all over the world.

One of the purposes of a Retreat is to rest and I’m certainly doing that; frequently dropping off when I’m trying to meditate.  There are another four teaching sessions today and I’m also going to take Precepts at 7 am.  This will be a new experience for me and I’m looking forward to a day of moral discipline and watching my mind.  However, I’m sure ‘grugging’ is not out of the question for the initiated!


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