Dementia: Are My Knickers Needlessly In A Twist?

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I’ll find out this morning if I have got my knickers in a twist based on a misunderstanding.  The Local Authority has applied to allow me to deprive Maureen of her liberty.  It is perhaps fortunate that their application- despite being accepted by a District Judge – requires revision as it contains several inaccuracies and misleading statements.  Consequently, I have been unable to complete my statement and have a meeting this morning to discuss my concerns

What I hope to clarify this morning is that I can exercise discretion.  If they really want me to become Maureen’s goaler I may walk away from being her Care Partner!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Are My Knickers Needlessly In A Twist?

    1. It is never my intention to do other people’s dirty washing in public but aspects of the application were shameful. I have been assured that I will receive a written apology. I think they understand now that Maureen is not ‘Mary’ or my ‘father’ now. What has bemused me is the Seniority of the individuals who had cleared the Court Application and that a District Judge had approved it subject to my Witness Statement. This is all extremely worrying and I have only shared two of the glaring errors in the application.

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