Dementia: ‘Happy Meal’ Saves The Day

When I returned from Cleethorpes Leisure Centre yesterday it soon became things were not good.  Hostility was in the air and I made it worse by stupidly suggesting that I took our grandson to see a neighbour’s dog.   This gave Maureen a further opportunity to vent: her husband wanted to leave her for a pet!

Fortunately, our daughter in law played a trump card by taking her two children out for a walk.  This gave me and Maureen’s son an opportunity to cool things down.  He told me how Maureen had spent the last hour convinced she was in the hospital awaiting treatment and their distraction techniques had not changed her reality.

The ‘Sound of Music’ in our sunroom set the tone for a change of presentation.  I didn’t manage to get Maureen to move into her normal dance routines but following a hug from her son and a cup of tea we moved on to join the rest of his family at McDonald’s.

A Chocolate McFlurrie saved the day and two grandchildren saw moments of the Nana they know and love.


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