Dementia: She’s A Little Gem

Image result for A She's A Real Diamond Picture

Maureen has been in great form since she came home from two weeks in Alderlea Care Home.  ‘Little Miss Dynamite’ has persuaded her to engage in personal care, change her clothes and take her medication every morning.  We are very fortunate that this real diamond will be with us for four mornings a week from now on.  Maureen doesn’t remember names these days but was keen to point out that she always enjoyed her time with the ‘tubby lady’: she said that this was a kind way of describing her friend.

The real glitter of LMD is her ability to be flexible in an attempt to meet Maureen’s needs.   Usually, they are singing together as I open the door after I have been out for a while.  Today, she has responded immediately to my suggestion that Maureen might enjoy doing crosswords again.  As I type I can hear fits of laughter from downstairs as she encourages Maureen to solve the clues.



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