Dementia: Magic Moments

The last few days have been sprinkled with Magic Moments:

My visit to Coventry got off to a lovely start.  Seeing mum smiling, singing and tapping her feet when I played her some of her favourite tunes on my phone brought tears of joy to my eyes.

There were different emotions at work when I caught up with my brother in the afternoon.  When I saw ‘our kid’ barely able to raise a smile I was glad I was able to hide my tears behind my tinted spectacles.  Thankfully, my eldest daughter’s girls helped me to end the evening with joy in my heart.

London is always a culture shock to anyone living in a small seaside resort like Cleethorpes.  However, with help from the locals, I made it meet my middle daughter at Kew Gardens.  We spent a lovely afternoon together.  My introduction to her partner couldn’t have gone better.  True to form I had dropped off in the pub when he arrived for our first meeting.  Once I stirred it was a pleasure to see how happy they were with each others company.

Even more magic moments came from extending my stay in Coventry.  On Sunday my brother was a different person smiling constantly as I sat beside him.  It may have been the Santa hat that was perched precariously on his head that changed his demeanour.  Perhaps it was hearing the rock and roll that I played him on my phone.  On the other hand, it may have been how carefully I fed him his Sunday Lunch.

Mum dropped off to sleep shortly after I called to see her on Sunday afternoon.  However, I will never forget the beautiful hug we had together.  She stroked my arm as we held each other tightly, something we have rarely done before as we are not a touchy-feely family.

When I called in to see Maureen at Aldelea Care Home yesterday she was laying on a sofa saying she wanted to go home.  When I told her that she could she thought she was dreaming.  Since we have been back home together there have been magic moments that would fill page after page…………


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