Dementia: ‘My Inner Peace is Non- Negotiable’

Today’s Buddhist teaching is once again from Gen Togden:

Togden is an inspirational teacher as are so many of his colleagues at the Buddhist Centre in Pocklington.  He says his ‘inner peace is non-negotiable’ and that must be a wonderful place to be!

I have decided to stay in Coventry for a while longer.  Once the roads are a little safer to drive on I will venture out from the warmth of the Spa of my hotel.  I am certain that the best Christmas present I can give my mum and brother is to spend further time with them today.

It is far too icy to take mum out but I’m sure once I call up her favourite music we will be ‘tripping the light fantastic’ once again.  I haven’t decided what I’ll get up to with my brother apart from companionship, as he sits alone in his favourite spot in the Dining Room of his Nursing Home.

A text to my eldest daughter is all that will be needed for the evening’s food and entertainment.  I’m sure she will provide a gastronomic delight and her girls will put on another show as they ask Alexa to support their activities.

Sending yourself to Coventry isn’t all bad if you know the right people! 


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