Dementia: Going Dancing Again


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Maureen and I strutted our stuff on the ‘dance floor’ at Alderlea Care Home yesterday.  How could I refuse a ladies invitation dance when my wife had said ‘can we do this one?’  I may be wrong but I think she even allowed me to lead as we moved around the floor.  Our dance was another indication of how settled Maureen has become at Alderlea.

I’m going to Coventry for more dancing this morning.  I need some further tuition from my mum.  She used to wait up for me on my return from Victor Sylvester’s all those years ago. Clad in her dressing gown she would help me to remember my steps.  Even if she is sleepy on my arrival at her Care Home I know I can get her feet tapping to Nat King Cole or Frank Sintra if I pick the right moment

I also think I can get the master of the jive, that big brother of mine, to reminisce about his days when they would be queuing up to partner him at the Locarno.   Elvis or Bill Haley will hopefully bring a smile to his face as he sits in his favourite spot in his Nursing Home.

I have yet to see a situation where music fails to transform those with dementia.  The Entertainments Organiser at Alderlea worked wonders yesterday.  She danced with those who needed a walking frame, held hands with those who were unable to stand and gave her wonderful smile to those who couldn’t speak.  Little wonder that Maureen has settled in a place where the staff always do their best for the residents.


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