Dementia: Konar – I Was So Wrong!

This week’s song of the week has to be ‘So Wrong’.  I thought that Maureen going into an Acute Mental Health Unit would be a disaster for us both.  It’s a time to eat my words.

The Konar Suite is nothing like your typical Mental Health Unit.  My reservations that they would turn her into something like my brother well ill-conceived.  He has Alzheimer’s and came out of an MHU in Coventry a shadow of his former self: goodness knows what they did to him.

I have to admit it took me a while to trust the medics on the Konar Suite with my dear wife.  I must have been deaf to have not listened at first hearing.  Their message was loud and clear ‘we have to weigh up the benefits of any medication against the risks involved’.

Maureen is settling well after three weeks away from home.  She generally makes her way up to our bedroom at night after dozing on the sofa for a while.  That is another thing I have to thank the staff on the Konar for – not only did they encourage her to sleep in a bed whilst she was in their care; they coached me on how to do the same when she came home.

Although Maureen has been discharged from the Konar Suite staff are always available for out of hours telephone advice and will make a home visit in an emergency.


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