Dementia: From Dancing Queen To Despair


The words of Maureen’s Consultant on the Konar Suite rang out this morning: ‘there will be fluctuations in her presntation’:

Monday evening: As I prepared our evening meal Maureen was in exceptional form.  She sang and danced along to some of our favourite records.  Sometimes she invited me to join her at others she pranced around the dining room like a ballet dancer.  I have a lovely video clip of her virtuoso performance that I am not able to post here.

Wednesday morning:  Maureen stirred beside me in bed a short while ago, so I greeted her as Charlie Drake with: ‘hello my darling’.  She responded with: ‘I want to go home, I hate it here: no one ever comes to see me’.  When I foolishly responded with ‘I’m here’ she said: ‘you only feed me to keep me to keep me alive and you never take me anywhere’.

I accept that Maureen’s presentation will continue to fluctuate.  However, we do struggle for visitors as our closest family members live over a hundred miles away and lead busy lives.  However, I’m hoping the VACANCIES SIGN on our newly built Sun Room might help on that front.  We are now well equipped to cope with a couple of visitors overnight in our en-suite extension and look forward to the bookings rolling in.



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