Dementia: Coming Home


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It is now a week since Maureen’s discharge from the Konar Suite.  She is beginning to settle down to being back home after three weeks in an Acute Mental Health Unit.  Just as her Consultant stressed her presentation is subject to fluctuation.   My status can change from her husband to the wicked man who is stopping her from going home at the drop of a hat: from hero to zero.

We still have great fun together and Maureen’s wicked sense of humour shone through when she was in the hospital.  When a staff member was encouraging her to take lunch Maureen said ‘she wasn’t hungry and suggested that the individual concerned would be well advised to eat a little less’.   I’m not always sure our larking about is always well received by professionals when they call.  I hope it doesn’t lead to them to place us on some psychiatric scale.

I’m doing my best to stick to routines that help Maureen’s dilemma of ‘not knowing what to do with her time’.  It is now very obvious that she needs prompting to complete most tasks.  Her days of hanging out washing on the line have gone.  She can manage to assist with such tasks but forgets what she is meant to be doing if she is left to her own devices.

We slept together beautifully last night and that is a real bonus in the scheme of things.  I know it’s very early days but I’m optimistic that things can only get better if I continue to take breaks and don’t try to do it all by myself.  It is so reassuring that the Home Treatment Team are monitoring how things are going and are calling shortly for yet another chat.

I have to admit my reservations about Maureen going into the Konar Suite were ill-conceived.  They treated us both with the utmost dignity and respect along with lots of TLC.  To experience a Mental Health Unit that does not see medication as the answer to everything was so refreshing!


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