Emails between friends

There is much to write about Maureen’s stay on the Konar Suite and the ongoing aftermath but I was keeping my powder dry for a while. However, I couldn’t let a day go by without posting this blog from my dear cyber friend Kate Swaffer.

This week I was asked to provide some information about one of DAI’s founding members, the late Richard Taylor Ph.D. I headed to my files (word and emails) simply titled: Richard Taylor. It was an opportunity to reflect when not feeling hopeless, as it’s often Richard who I turn to when I want to give up or it seems too hard to keep going and I feel hopeless.

Some days I imagine we have come a long way, then I read an old email like this, and realise we haven’t come that far. I still miss dear Richard, as I know many others do. And I worry that people do not want to work together, as that more often causes much more harm to the ’cause’, than good. On the days I start to think maybe we have come a long way, I then read an old email trail like this, and…

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