Dementia: Have NAViGO Lost The Plot?

Image result for Have They Lost The Plot Picture

Some might fear that staff from NAViGO have lost the plot: tonight they are holding a Bonfire Party for patients on the Konar Suite – an Acute Mental Health Unit.  Little wonder they continue to win national acclaim for their radical approach to mental health.

The ‘Bonfire Lady’ as I have christened the organiser of this initiative will happily pay up on a wager I had with her yesterday.  I bet her 10 pence that I could get the Manager of the Big Red Warehouse to donate some sparklers and he did – 5 packets!

Maureen is keen to get home as quickly as possible and my discussions with staff are ongoing on this front.  Unfortunately, they are somewhat hidebound by the Mental Capacity Act.  However, I know that staff are not just paying lip service to Maureen’s concerns and where there’s a will I’m sure we will find a way

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