Dementia: The Most Amazing Day

Posted at 6 am after an amazing sleep.

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Yesterday was nothing short of amazing.

We received outstanding support from the early hours and Maureen thrived as the day progressed.

  • Our early morning visitor, a nurse, gave me a bird’s eye view of the Konar Suite and paved the way for a personal inspection.
  • Our Key Worker phoned at 8 am to catch up on developments
  • Once the after effects of lorazepam wore off Maureen was in great voice.
  • The  Home Treatment team rang by 10 am to check on Maureen’s sleep pattern.
  •  As soon as ‘Girl Friday’ arrived Maureen asked her for personal care.
  • My conducted tour of the Konar Suite took place before noon.
  • On my return home, my well-groomed wife was singing along with Girl Friday.
  • An impromptu call at Clee Medical Centre led to a GP appointment.
  • The dip test suggested Maureen doesn’t have a UTI.
  • Maureen’s blood pressure was excellent; lower than it had been for ages.
  • Maureen had great fun playing with a four-year-old boy in the Waiting Room.
  • Maureen loved shopping in Cleethorpes and seeing lots of friendly faces.
  • Maureen fell asleep late afternoon and we have both slept for most of the night.

On reflection, I think it is possible that Tuesday’s visit by Occupational Therapists spooked Maureen.  She may well have been thinking ‘he is conspiring to lock me away again’ and sought comfort in delusions on Wednesday.  I realise this is all conjecture, but what else is there?

There are no experts on dementia – only considered points of view!

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