Dementia: It’s All Been Worth It

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The struggles of the last few months all seemed worthwhile yesterday when our visitors from Occupational Therapy made it clear that they supported our approach to ‘seeking the good life’.  They were impressed with our extension and how we have attempted to prepare for what might lie ahead.  They also supported how I attempt to resolve issues of independence and safety.  Once we have made a couple of minor changes to our set up OT feel that we have addressed all predictable risks.

Maureen was in exceptional Hostess Mode all day.  Her intelligence and humour shone through as she showed OT the ropes.  She continued in a similar vein when in the company of my sister and brother in law.  In fact, she was in such good form that there were occasions when some observers may have questioned her diagnosis of dementia.

Maureen has paid a heavy price for the overstimulation that I subjected her to yesterday.  She is now hyperactive and has not slept all night.  I should have left things as they were with my sister visiting today.  I’m paying a small price for my naivety as I try to support a very confused wife this morning.

We appear to be on a Cruise Ship again this morning.  I hope Maureen is not too disappointed when we dock at Grimsby:  we couldn’t possibly pull into Cleethorpes with the tide going out!


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