Dementia: ‘Handle With Care’

This has to be the song of the week:

  • There are some lovely shots of Tom Petty who died this week.
  • My late wife would have been 71 yesterday and she loved Roy Orbison.
  • Rob my brother in law ‘has backed’  Geoff Lynne.
  • Bob Dylan is ‘the man’ as far as my Buddist friend Ed is concerned.
  • George Harrison was always my favourite Beatle.

Maureen certainly wasn’t handled with care the last time she went to an Assessment Centre at Ladysmith Road Care Home.  When I visited her on her 77th birthday she had a black eye, a cut nose and a bruised back.  They said she had fallen out of bed – I don’t believe them!  That is why I had reservations about a planned admission into the Konar Suite.  It is the Acute Mental Health Unit for the over 65: hardly the place for someone of Maureen’s disposition. Thankfully, a good night’s sleep brought me to my senses!

I got it seriously wrong last night by trying to negotiate my way into bed beside Maureen.  She launched a verbal attack as I tried to persuade her I was her husband and fearing a lunge I recoiled and have pulled something in my right shoulder.  This is a painful reminder that if I don’t handle Maureen with care then I’ll pay the price: a fear of being attacked by men remains.  How sad that such painful memories will continue to haunt Maureen because her emotional memory will remain firmly intact!


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