Dementia: New Land Ahead!

Image result for Land Ahead Picture

After a long three-month journey, there is new land ahead:

  • I had a positive meeting with our Key Worker yesterday morning.
  • My Admiral Nurse will visit us tomorrow.
  • I have a seven-hour break on Thursday.
  • There will be regular seven-hour breaks on Wednesday’s, from next week
  • I have signed up for Monday’s Teepa Snow Webinar on how to solve bathing problems.
  • Our new shower room, part of our extension, will be plumbed in on Friday.
  • Maureen and I slept together last night for over eight hours.

Any extension to your dwelling is an inevitable stressor in your life.  The trials and tribulations of the last 12 weeks all became worthwhile when I saw Maureen smiling as she stood in the Sun Room yesterday.  When she talked about how we could sit out there in the winter I couldn’t have asked for more!

There certainly is New Land Ahead: watch this space!

As I draw this post to a close Maureen has just woken up frightened that she had been left alone with the baby.  She says she is worried that the baby is too cold.  I have helped her to warm our offspring up and reassured her the little fellow is now safely asleep.  It is so helpful that I have been able to talk about these episodes with my Admiral Nurse and now have some idea how to reassure Maureen when they occur!


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