Dementia: ‘Take Your Time’

This song from Buddy Holly came to mind when Maureen woke today at 4.30am:

Maureen’s early morning presentation gave me hope that my dear wife had come back. She had made her way up to the marital bedroom last night as I lay fast asleep downstairs.  When I met her on the landing this morning she had fresh clothing in hand and I wondered if this might be the day she would ‘get them off.’  Half an hour later reality struck and Mrs Dementia was at full throttle and I realised she would probably spend another day in her PJ’s.

As I sat typing in our Box Room Maureen was a partition wall away waxing lyrical about my wicked deeds.  Her reality was that I must be involved in some sort of game where I took her to a strange place against her will.  It is one of those occasions when I will need to take cover and left her to rant.  It wass not in my interest to absorb her vitriol

Thankfully, Girl Monday and Wednesday will be here in a few hours.  That will give me a couple of hours to myself where I can mix with other people who might share something of my reality.

This one from Frank Sinatra seems an appropriate way to close this post::

We all have to tread very warily now when we are attempting to encourage Maureen to engage in personal care to avoid being accused of assault, or even worse in my case.   It is imperative that I keep Buddy’s and Frank’s words firmly in mind as Maureen’s reality can change at the drop of a hat with my status moving from hero to below zero!

Update: I’d got it wrong it’s a Girl we haven’t seen for a while this morning and Maureen’s giving her a hard time.  I’m going to pop to Alderlea Care Home to explore the possibilities for Day Care along with a hairdressing appointment.

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