Dementia: Sneezing Leads To Optimism

Image result for Elderly Woman Sneezing PictureMaureen woke up very confused this morning. As I lay beside her in bed I watched and listened as she tried to come to terms with her reality.  Her questions to me about ‘drawing a picture and have they told us what to do yet’ left me bemused.  Then something wonderful happened she started sneezing: what a relief she has a cold!

It is possible that a viral infection is behind her current presentation.  Last night the Out of Hours Clinic almost ruled out a UTI and I expect the Lab Report to confirm in a few days.  So I’m hedging my bets on a cold being behind Maureen’s challenging presentation of the last few days.

We received excellent support yesterday from so many quarters as I attempted to deal with the different challenges that Maureen presented throughout the day.   Despite serious pressure on resources, North East Lincs strive to support carers and help them to keep their loved ones at home.  I am often spoiled for choice in who to contact when the going gets tough and support is available 24/7.  It doesn’t get much better than the Chair of our Best Interest Meeting being the Duty Worker when I needed advice from the Memory Service at 9 ‘o’ clock yesterday morning!

Our campaign to have a Care Coordinator for Maureen is really paying dividends.  She requested Occupational Therapy input which is leading to some really positive developments.  Two OT’s will be here on Monday afternoon to give advice on improving the potential for cognitive stimulation for Maureen within our home.

After an incident yesterday afternoon, I have reviewed my approach to Maureen going out by herself.  When she was frog-marched back to me by well-meaning neighbours she let rip in my direction for telling them she was unsafe to be out alone.  Therefore, I will trail her at a distance for a while so that the locals will know I’m on the case and Maureen is in safe hands.

It isn’t often you are grateful that you need to fetch your wife more tissues when she has run out.  This morning I’m delighted to be the Andrex Puppy to keep her well stocked and keep my fingers crossed that when the sneezing stops Mrs Dementia will leave us alone for a while longer!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Sneezing Leads To Optimism

  1. I’m happy to have found your blog. My wife and I live in assisted living in Woodland Hills, Ca. I’m a retired psychologist; a paralyzed, stroke-survivor who’s taking care MCI wife. I guess I make the situation woeful. Its not!! We enjoy each other immensely, for now. The future is ‘one-at-a-time’. I blog at Hopefully, Maggie Kuhn won’t take offense. I’m just starting this blogging process and I promise to give her credit for getting me off my fat arse a making a contribution, an intellectual one at least, to the cause.


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