Dementia: ‘I’m Not Lost!’

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Maureen has thrown down the gauntlet about being allowed to be out on her own.  She was reluctant to accompany me to the corner shop yesterday afternoon and when I returned she had gone out.  When I went to find her she said ‘why are you looking for me I’m not lost?’ The interesting thing is that she was walking around the Court that I had encouraged her to follow the previous afternoon.  I think I now have to pluck up the courage to let her go off by herself and wait in the house until she returns.  I’m wondering if it is a good time to suggest using the Digital Tracker that I bought some time ago and Maureen declined to use.  I also have a similar dilemma over changing our sleeping arrangements’

I’m not sure if sleeping on a single bed in the lounge is achieving anything.  What it may be doing is encouraging Maureen to sleep on the sofa rather than retiring to a bedroom. My inclination is to take the bed back upstairs – yet again – and see what happens.

Maureen may not feel that she is lost when she is walking out by herself but I often feel spoiled for choice in how to respond to her presentation.  My Admiral Nurse is on holiday at the moment and I have chatted to one of her colleagues a couple of times already this week.  She has suggested reframing my suggestion that we need a holiday.  If Maureen takes up the bait it would be interesting to see how we cope with a couple of days in new surroundings.  The plan is to be on holiday close to the family members in the Midlands who Maureen is crying out for more contact with: predominantly her granddaughter.   What a shame it will not be possible to meet her parents: I’m sure ‘Union Jack’ and I would have had lots to talk about and I would have loved to have met his ‘Diamond Lill’.

While I’m on the subject of holidays we will need a World Cruise to thank all the people who support us via this blog.  I’m particularly grateful to Di Brooks this morning as she suggested taking an Epson salts bath which has been so refreshing.  I would recommend anyone to read her Blog where she shared her experience of being a Care Partner to her late husband so openly.

It is my six weekly appointment with my Counsellor this morning.  Ironically it is exactly 24 hours away from the Best Interest Meeting.  How fortunate I am to be able to chat over the challenges in my life with someone who has such an extensive understanding of dementia.


2 thoughts on “Dementia: ‘I’m Not Lost!’

  1. We have been following your stories for a while and it has certainly touched our heart strings. We were wondering if you would like to share your story on the StoriiCare blog. If this is something you would be interested in, please get in touch –


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