Dementia: The Storm Rages On

I thought I had weathered the worst of ‘Storm Maureen’ by 2.30 am when Maureen had dropped off to sleep.  Music had quelled the initial onslaught with songs from Peter, Paul, and Mary on YouTube:

The focus of the storm changed from thieves stealing Maureen’s car to searching for her missing mum when she woke around 3 am.  Two hours later she was ranting over the need to move out as everyone was ignoring her here and the house was too cold.

I’ve decided to move out myself this morning to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre, as I need to rejuvenate myself in the Spa and the Sauna.  It’s fortunate that Girl Friday is on duty again this morning: Maureen desperately needs one of her Pamper Days.

It wouldn’t need much thought to work out which song would be on my Good Music page today.

Update: On taking Maureen her first cup of the day at 7.45 am she has a simple question: ‘where is this big family of mine?’  She has forgotten her son was here two days ago but she knows that her visitors are now few and far between – a familiar tale for those who have dementia!

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