Dementia: Biting My Tongue

Image result for biting my tongue picturesI’m getting better at not responding to Maureen when she is being downright objectionable.  Last night was a classic: I’d been doing my best to help calm her sore throat and mouth and she challenged me when I woke after a nap with ‘what are you creeping around for’.  I wanted to say remember me I’m the guy who brought you ice cream a couple of hours ago to try to reduce the pain in your mouth but I decided to say little and let sleeping dogs lie.  This meant leaving all our plans for the evening on hold apart from Maureen’s version of crosswords.

Maureen woke me shortly after midnight to warn me there were insects in the room.  She was afraid to put her foot to the floor for fear of being bitten.  It took me a while to wipe the sleep from my eyes and find a way through her concerns.  Eventually, I persuaded her that we would be safer upstairs in our bedroom where I was sure we would not be troubled by insects.  I slept fitfully after this event and got up very early to carry out some household tasks alongside thinking about how to make our lives simpler.

At 6.30 YouTube is on with the old favourites bringing a smile to Maureen’s face. I’m optimistic that we will be watching a film on Enid Blyton tonight.  I guess there are not many people watching The Famous Five rather than East Enders these days but reminiscing leads in all sorts of directions.

If Maureen continues to struggle with a sore mouth further medical advice is needed.   I’m beginning to think that a swab is needed to establish the nature of her infection. The soreness in her mouth and lips is a chronic problem that causes considerable distress and visual inspection by the G P doesn’t seem to get her anywhere.  Unfortunately, there would be little point in asking him to address her caustic comments:  we already know that dementia takes no prisoners and those close at hand frequently bear the brunt of her frustration.  The only remedy for this aspect of dementia is for me to bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut!



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