Dementia: ‘God Is Watching Us’

It’s fortunate that family will be arriving shortly as I could do with a helping hand or two.  I’m being outrun this morning with Maureen being as confused as I have ever seen her.  She woke at 2.30 singing ‘God watching us’ at the top of her voice.  I soon realised where that had come from:

However, I declined another early morning YouTube party and encouraged Maureen to go back to bed: I’m getting too old for these raves.  She managed to drop off again but I had no suck luck so I carried out an early morning Spring Clean – it was surprising what I found stashed away in the most unlikely places.

I can’t seem to settle her today, she is either ‘packing to go home’ or sitting in an armchair looking distressed.  Perhaps, she will drop off on the sofa a little later and wake up in a different mode.  I was hoping to get out when our visitors arrive but I fear that may only add to her confused state.

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