Dementia: Happy Reminiscing

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Maureen and I spent a lovely couple of hours yesterday evening talking about her childhood.  It is possible after 25 years together I have grasped a little more of her early years.  I sat back in amazement as she told me stories of how her parents moved about during the Second World War to share their lives with other family members.  We also phoned her brother who helped to fill in some of the gaps and share such lovely stories of their childhood.

I’ve been up early this morning remembering aspects of my own childhood as it is the 8th anniversary of my father’s death.  I have even found another version of My Old Man which I have posted on my Good Music Page.

There is little doubt that Maureen’s long-term memory is much better than mine.  She can recall events from her childhood as if they happened yesterday, where I have few clear memories of my early years.  I have written down the sequence of Maureen’s early life to help me recall the comings and goings of her family as they tried to support each other, and stay safe, during the heavy bombing of Nottingham.  When the going is good I’m hoping that we can find some photographs of Maureen’s early years to add a little more detail to the story and make significant events easier for me to remember!

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