Dementia: A Star Appears

Image result for A Star Appears PictureI know it’s a little late for this analogy but a star has appeared in our sky of carer support. Girl Friday Night arrived at 10 pm she will be going home at 7 am.  Maureen and I have the sleep that you can only dream of when you are exhausted.  You move quickly in these situations and I will be seeking for our newbie to be a regular Girl Wednesday Night and  Girl Friday Night every other week -she’s up for it.

Once again I have to praise our social worker for the speed of his action in adding Girl Friday Night to our Team.  He had the newbie available as soon as he called here yesterday afternoon.  Maureen really likes our Key Worker and was keen to show him that she had been sleeping in a drawer in the bedroom for the last few nights. On his advice, we managed to get one of our by one of our GP’s to rule out infection as a cause of her confusion and distress.

Refreshed from a good night’s rest we hope to be in Freeman Street Market early doors.  We both have a new found energy in our step this morning after what feels like a life-saving rest but I know that with dementia one swallow never makes a Spring!


3 thoughts on “Dementia: A Star Appears

  1. Wow! That is like having one or two nights respite each week, so wonderful. I hope this continues to be just what Maureen needs. Keep that spring in your step – both of you, and enjoy the markets

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