Dementia: ‘Please Cut Us Some Slack’

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The postponement of today’s Best Interest Meeting may well have been an inconvenience for some people but I want to argue that it is a positive development.  It is an opportunity to ‘cut us some slack’: to give us time to demonstrate that we are gradually finding a way of living beyond dementia (Swaffer).

My simple assertion, this morning,  is that it is in our Best Interest to give us a little more time to enjoy our lives together with minimal interference from others.  I’m very happy to have ‘behind the Chair discussions’ to agree how developments might be monitored.  Apologies for using a ‘trade union’ phrase for how I hope to progress matters but ex-shop stewards never die: they just go white on top.

My suggestion is to put the BIM on hold:  giving us three months to show our Spring Term Programme is working. Sorry again for resorting to old parlance but we worked together organising Adult Education Programmes for years.  Yesterday’s post indicated that music and foreign languages will feature this Term and there is more to come.  We have already piloted chauffeur driven away days and have been talking about short breaks together, rather than traditional approaches to respite.

Anyone who has seen or spoken to Maureen recently will have seen a positive change in her presentation.  I know that my wife can never return and Mrs Dementia is only ever around the corner.  However, the ‘student is learning’  and is beginning to grasp how to deal with the fact that there are now ‘three people in this marriage’. What a shame I have a lovely photograph of Maureen with Princess Diana’s ex-husband and that would have been a fitting way to end this post!



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