Dementia: Significant Disorientation

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We made it to Nottingham, but it may have been a bridge too far as Maureen is significantly disorientated this morning.

Girl Tuesday played a sterling role yesterday in persuading Maureen to get into the chauffeur driven Volvo. Tim, the man behind the wheel, remembered his script from the week before and played it well.  Maureen’s brother and sister in law were excellent hosts and put on a lovely lunch.  Unfortunately, the Birthday Girl, Maureen’s sister, was unwell and did not show.

Shortly before Tim was due to pick us up at 4 pm Maureen began to lose track of proceedings.  When I suggested that it was time to go she said she was ‘waiting for her husband to pick her up’.  There then followed a lengthy standoff before we could persuade her to get into the Volvo for the homeward journey. A significant personal attack followed as we were chauffeured home until a semblance of peace broke out on the back seat of the vehicle.

We had to take a natural break as we arrived on the outskirts of Grimsby when Maureen was feeling unwell.  Within half an hour of being back home, Maureen was fast asleep on the sofa; still wondering why we hadn’t seen the Birthday Girl.

As I try to deal with my own tiredness this morning it’s back to the drawing board: a good opportunity to reconsider whether long days away from home is in Maureen’s best interest.  She has been very quiet seemingly ill at ease in her surroundings and deep in thought.  It is interesting to read how other people with dementia, such as Dr. Richard Taylor, dealt with their condition but I need to understand how Maureen’s sees things!

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