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Feedback… for better or worse

When I am conscious, I strive to be a nice person, but, I also always strive to tell the truth, and to provide (positive and sometimes negative) feedback on things done well, or comments on things  I may feel or think could or should be done…

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Dementia: Paying The Price

The above photograph is of Susan Macaulay, fondly known as AMAZING Susan. Yesterday, I paid the price for not taking Susan Macaulay’s  advice to audio record all official meetings with officers of the Local Authority.  It would certainly have saved a lot … Continue reading

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Do you care?

Originally posted on george rook:
Let’s start with a question… Do you care? When people care things happen. When people care they make things happen. And When people have personal linkage to dementia they really care, and they get involved,…

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Dementia: Solving The Crisis In Social Care

Roy Lilley has provided immediate solutions to the crisis in Social Care in today’s Newsletter: ‘Close the CQC it hasn’t improved quality, costs a fortune and demotivates all concerned; recognise technology takes us beyond the clip-board era.     We can, … Continue reading

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Dementia: Being Upfront

I have now left professional staff in no doubt about the outcome I’m looking for at Friday’s Best Interest Meeting.  Maureen and I want to stay together and I will play no further part in any plans to put her … Continue reading

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Dementia: ‘Until Death Do Us Part’

Social Care is on the verge of collapse as Roy Lilley outlines today: ‘What’s gone wrong? Two things.  The cash anticipated from government, on the face of it, is in line with their promise… pick it apart and it is … Continue reading

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Dementia: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Tom Schuller now a Professor has always encouraged me to share what I have learned on this blog.  He was a Senior Lecturer when I was one of his students at Warwick University almost 30 years ago.  His supportive guidance … Continue reading

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