“Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another dementia”

Even more excellent work from Kate Swaffer.

Released 15 September 2016 Released 15 September 2016

The book Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, co-authored with Associate Professor Lee-Fay Low was released officially on September 15 and has been well received.

Professor Henry Brodarty wrote the Foreword for it, which I am sharing here:

Thank you Lee-Fay for the shared twelve months we spent working on this book; it was truly a joy to work with you.

Thank you Henry, for your generous Foreword.

Most of all, my sincere thanks to all those people who agreed to be interviewed or answered our questionnaires to inform this book; without you, this book could never have been as well informed.

“Dementia is never one person’s illness. Its ripples spread wide enveloping family, touching friends and bumping up against professional services and care. Dementia can be cruel – hard for those affected and sometimes even harder for care partners. When Alzheimer’s and other dementia came out of…

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