Dementia: A Positive Start To The Day

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Maureen has been inspiring this morning with her enthusiasm for improving our lives.   She had a smile on her face as soon as she opened her eyes,  keen to appreciate how pleasing the lounge/bedroom is on the eye.  Her nurturing nature came to the fore as she redesigned our layout to make sure that my sleeping quarters become free from draughts.

It has been lovely to see Maureen in such a creative mode this morning after a difficult day yesterday.  Her cold, along with a sore mouth and tongue, were clearly taking their toll as she spent large parts of the day on the sofa.  She did manage to come round for a while in the afternoon and I heard lots of laughter as she chatted to Dianne our carer as I prepared Sunday Lunch.

I managed to change my status in the evening with a selection of remedies for her soreness.  It’s amazing what choc ice and selective sandwiches can do for your reputation when you are seeking status as a naturopath, rather than a waste of space.   I then added to my prowess when I created an enjoyable hour or so with lots of our favourite numbers on YouTube: Maureen labelled it ‘Music While You Work’.

Pressing for a late night collection of bread in Cleethorpes may have been pushing my luck a little too far.  Maureen didn’t seem particularly comfortable as we took  in the night-life around the Market Square:  although we both enjoyed reminiscing over our ‘misspent youth’ in Amusement Arcades, looking at the latest ways of extracting money from the punters.

The holidays are over for our Care Team today and we are back to normal – what a risky thought with dementia having an influence on events!.  Chloe will be here at ten to honour Maureen’s hairdressing appointment.  It will be interesting to see if we can multi-task this morning and carry out Maureen’s ideas to revamp the lounge/bedroom.

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