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Dementia: Improving Communication

Compared to Monday we had both had a reasonable amount of sleep last night.  It’s amazing how a night’s rest helps to clarify early morning thoughts and I’ve had my thinking hat on from 4 am. I have decided to … Continue reading

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Dementia: YESSSSSS!

I have just woken after a much needed 2 hour siesta.  What a relief to catch up on some sleep after the events of last night.  For a while I didn’t know where I was when I woke up. This has given … Continue reading

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Dementia: Struggling With Orientation

Things nearly got out of hand at 11.30 pm last night.  Maureen woke up and came into my bedroom like a hurricane wanting to know where the other people were.  I woke up in a daze and mumbled something about … Continue reading

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Dementia: Landing At 4am

Maureen and I met on the landing at 4 am this morning embarking on two different missions: mine to make the bathroom; hers to get up.  We had landed in different quarters last night as she wanted the marital bed … Continue reading

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Branding And Growth Course

  Task for Day One: My Blog aims to share an honest account of our journey with dementia.  I sincerely hope that outlining our experiences is as much help to others as the incredible support that we receive from fellow … Continue reading

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Dementia: DNA In Early Morning Action

I had to apply DNA in large amounts at 2 am this morning when Mrs Dementia was in full flow: if I had absorbed Maureen’s vitriol I would never have got back to sleep.  My dear wife was letting me have it … Continue reading

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Dementia: The Importance Of DNA

Early on in our journey Yvonna our local Lloyd’s Pharmacist alerted me to the importance of DNA once your loved one has a diagnosis of dementia.  Her message of Do Not Absorb became particularly pertinent yesterday. I returned home from my meeting with … Continue reading

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