Dementia: Looking Back: Looking Ahead (Week 22)

Any perusal of this Blog will lead the reader to conclude the Maureen’s presentation is changing as is her personality: no surprise there dementia is a progressive condition.   Routine and consistency is the very thing she needs at the moment and it is conspicuous by its absence.  My suggestions on how we might improve things are listed below as bullet points:

  • Carers need to be consistent in their approach.
  • Carers need to meet to review their input and Maureen’s presentation.
  • I need to improve my sleep pattern.
  • We need to address the shortcomings of the biomedical model.
  • Family members need to increase their level of phone contact.
  • Family members need to schedule frequent visits.
  • My Blog becomes the vehicle for updating interested parties on Maureen’s presentation.

I am exhausted by the events of the weekend.  My sleep pattern is very poor putting my mental well-being at risk.  No-one could sustain my current level of input.  Improving the co-ordination between all parties would be a helpful step forward.



7 thoughts on “Dementia: Looking Back: Looking Ahead (Week 22)

  1. It is so frustrating that nothing seems to improve. Consistent approach from carers was something I had to shout about. The care agencies, social services, health practitioners all talk about it but they only pay lip service to what they say.

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  2. Everyone talks about routine and consistency. Yes, they are important.

    However, equally vital are flexibility and willingness to go with flow and to flout “consistency.”

    One thing above all, you must care for yourself. Sleep is vital.

    Thank you for documenting your journey so diligently. The value of your documentation will increase over time and help others.


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    1. Thank you Susan for your ongoing ‘supervision’ which I mean in the professional sense. Years of it myself in my role as a community education worker. You are so kind to be my supervisors as I attempt to be a distance learning student. Perhaps Teepa should find a way of validating such training. I have a long history of flouting tradition as all my training has been in radical approaches to adults learning and I am forever a student. Having you as a mentor is so helpful.

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  3. What a shame Dr Paula Alman also an American has passed. She mentored me at Nottingham University quite some time ago. I think she would describe our approach as the androgy of enablement rather than the pedadogy of prescribed disengagement. Paula is a sad loss: lovely woman who coached me on how adults learn.


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